Release by etchasketch

Release by etchasketch

Rob Dickson aka etchasketch lives in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Release is his second album on Ombrelle Concrète.

Released on Friday 28th June, the Limited Edition CD and Digital Download is available to pre-order now.

The great Ken Campbell once described a theory of the beginnings of the universe in terms of Fields Of Potentiality – which is a perfect description of the music contained in the latest collection of tracks from etchasketch titled ‘Release’.

The pieces that etchasketch coaxes from his modular palette are uniformly tranquil, at least initially, but with suggestions of emergent sounds that coalesce and take sonic form or recede leaving aural silhouettes.

The opener ‘Chasing Shadows’ begins with slowly beating violins approaching from the horizon. Interruption comes in the form of a distorted piano figure that slowly becomes more present and insistent.

The warm tranquillity of ‘It’s Time’ calls to mind Jon Hopkins – sonically if not rhythmically.

As the album progresses distant percussion introduces us to resonant melodic hits, bass notes push through translucent harmony. Reverse pizzicatos flick against echoes and recede into the distance

Obvious musical references are Eno’s collaborations with Cluster (try Ho Renomo) or Evening Star with Robert Fripp. Hints of Harold Budd and Michael Brook are also evident in the sensual mist of some of the pieces.

A genuinely cohesive and evolving collection of music, Release is a gently inspiring enticement to reflection and reverie.

Pre-order Release by etchasketch now.