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Ombrelle Concrète - an absurdity in any literal sense

Ombrelle Concrète – an absurdity in any literal sense


Ombrelle Concrète is a self-financed independent label run by three artists wishing to release interesting, thought-provoking, more different music.

A concept confounded by its composition. Protection rendered impracticable by material. As an artistic doctrine however it is essential . A guardian against the forces of anodyne commercialism, it fosters a collective of true creativity and experimentalism. Joseph Beuys stated that ‘art is the only possibility for evolution’. Ombrelle Concrète offers shelter from the forces of blandness and conformity creating a medium for this evolution.

Ombrelle Concrète label was co-founded and launched in May 2019 by Andrew Kesbey, Clive Smedley and Terry Lane to challenge the Null Hypothesis that Post Midlife Crisis Men are unable to reignite their creative flames. The label ethics remains true to our independent instincts and ideals.  The artwork, CD mastering and production is done in-house, and the ‘umbrella’ is there to serve the importance of the artists, who have no ties or contract.

We don’t believe we are doing anything different or ground-breaking. But we do believe in what we are doing, is right. So be assured, Ombrelle Concrète will continue to be an umbrella where you can find the unexpected, the exceptional, the brave, humble and honest. Anything interesting… and MORE DIFFERENT.

This year the label will be even busier, with plenty of releases in the pipeline.  There are albums scheduled from sourmilk, The Bleak Industrialists and The Science Department, while a new series of remix CD releases under the banner – more.different will kick off this year’s releases and introduce psych popsters Theatre Royal to shelter under the Ombrelle Concrète between their own single releases on the excellent Vacillando ’68 record label.

Thank you to all those who have supported Ombrelle Concrète in 2019. We look forward to meeting again in 2020.

Listen free to all Ombrelle Concrète releases on BandcampSoundcloud and now the British Library Sound Archive.


We will wield the Ombrelle Concrète!