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Anne-Laure Mathieu aka Anlor began studying classical music at a young age, later entering the Lyon Conservatory of Music to study flute. Her first performances were mostly of baroque music in church ensembles before she succumbed to the allure of the secular.

While playing as a keyboardist and backing vocalist in Lyon with the post punk band TWINS, Anne-Laure began sonic experiments combining software and hardware that saw the beginnings of Anlor.

The Anlor project was originally abandoned after a few releases, but last year she resurrected her solo career. The result is the new instrumental album Fragments Of A New Past that shows both classical and ambient influences.

Her diverse pool of influences range from electro pop, dream pop, post punk, new wave to the more formal disciplines of classical and minimalism.

Fragments Of A New Past represents a fusion of old compositions unearthed with new compositional elements that forges a distinctive synthesis of classical inspired instruments with electronic sounds.





Heaven Eleven

July Eye

Missing Face

Architecture in Church